What Readers Are Saying:

"We are SO enjoying the book--it is even more phenomenal than we expected it to be! So good to read the history of the Forum before we started attending--30 years ago."

"I have learned so much. And even a few mysteries have been solved for me!"

"Beyond enjoying the amazing photos, I really got pulled into the story. Mr. McAllister has done a wonderful job."

"Who knew all this was going on behind the scenes at our forum?"

"Thanks to the Forum for sharing its many memories and mementos with us!"

"It is terrific reading; a definite coffee table book."

"I had a chance to look at the Forum book over the weekend. What wonderful memories are now preserved forever!"

"The book rocks. The Forum rocks!!"

"I have never attended The Richmond Forum and received this book as a gift. Still, I found it fascinating to read about all of these very famous and influential people and their experiences in Richmond."

"The Forum is my favorite Richmond activity and this just might be my favorite new Richmond book."

"My mother attended for years, and I can't wait to give her this book for Christmas. Thank you for doing this!"

The Forum Files  //  Hardcover  //  164 Full-Color Pages  //  $18.99

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